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Why Choose Dial Logistics LLC?

A huge network of vetted carriers with more than a million trucks and a range of capabilities
Dial Logistics LLC™, one of the most rapidly-adopted digital brokerage platforms in the industry
Outstanding customer support, with the ability to act quickly when circumstances change

Digital Freight Marketplace

Dial Logistics LLC™, our cloud-based digital platform, excels at visibility and control. Dial Logistics LLC™ is powered by our proprietary TMS and uses machine learning to become continually smarter at sourcing capacity. Shippers have the option of spot-market pricing or contract rates, and carriers communicate via our Drive Dial Logistics LLC™ driver app. Fluid integration with external systems makes it easy to post, negotiate, assign and track loads.

Quality Full Truckload Capacity

Our network relationships with more than 85,000 independent FTL carriers are a dependable source of drivers and equipment, especially in tight market conditions. We have rigorous processes in place to monitor carrier safety ratings, insurance qualifications and operating authorities; and our rating engine produces electronic scorecards that inform the selection process.

Flexible Less-Than-Truckload Brokerage

For supply chains that call for brokered LTL services, we offer no-hassle access to top-tier regional and national capacity with a single point of contact. Customers using our Dial Logistics LLC™ technology can set negotiated pricing and move easily between modes. We also source LTL capacity for occasional shipping needs, with solutions tailored to cargo types, routes and transportation patterns.


Our goal is always to move freight as efficiently as possible, including combining multiple modes into a single solution at times.


Rock-Solid Carrier Relationships

Carriers in our transportation network get our full respect. We assign each independent fleet owner an experienced advocate and equip drivers with our mobile technology to lock in loads and reduce empty miles. We want the carriers in our brokerage network to be just as satisfied as our customers; we offer dedicated lanes, spot market loads or a cash advance and perks they need.


Ship with Dial Logistics LLC™

Ready capacity, transparent pricing, painless bookings, and real-time tracking.

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Start earning rewards automatically. Simply move Dial Logistics LLC™ loads each month and maintain a minimum carrier score. As you rise to higher tiers, you’ll enjoy special bonuses along the way.

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Dial Logistics LLC is a standout in 3PL transportation, connecting shippers to the best capacity for each load.