Proprietary freight management technology that makes every shipment more efficient

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Our tech team lives and breathes transportation to continuously improve how goods are moved.

Visibility and Control

We make experiences easier for shippers, carriers and drivers with technology focused on efficiency and reliability. We provide real-time visibility into shipment status, streamline tasks through automation and offer digital sourcing of capacity on demand. Dial Logistics LLC tech ensures that supply chains run more smoothly and with more control.

24/7 Access to Resources

Our first-of-its-kind digital freight marketplace includes many useful resources that are always available in the cloud. In addition to the benefits of Dial Logistics LLC’s scale, we also provide unmatched access to data that’s delivered as actionable information—insights into current spot-market rates, carrier profiles, weather conditions and traffic alerts.

Dynamic Data Science

Data science at Dial Logistics LLC is a combination of machine learning, artificial intelligence and split-second analysis. We leverage billions of data points captured by apps, telematics and our TMS to make the optimal decisions in the moment. Data science enables us to provide the best solutions for pricing, pickup and delivery, routing and load-matching.

Dial Logistics LLC™ - Digital Transportation Platform Designed for Efficiency

Digital Freight Marketplace

  • Seamless, digital, shipper-carrier interactions, with the option of full automation

Digital Freight Marketplace

  • Rate quotes based on pricing agreements, with customizable functions and reporting
  • Bird’s-eye view of available capacity, spot rates, weather and other market factors
  • Dynamic routing for on-time pickups and deliveries, with real-time visibility
  • Best-fit truckload assignments filtered by geography, equipment and price
  • Data-driven algorithms for optimal pricing and productivity management
  • Machine learning that becomes continuously smarter at buying and selling capacity
  • Robust customer self-service platform for end-to-end shipping management
  • Mobile access to Dial Logistics LLC™ for drivers to capture income from the road
  • Intelligent tools for higher trailer utilization and safe load-building


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Registered carriers on Dial Logistics LLC™

~2.5 million

LTL miles optimized daily with Dial Logistics LLC tech

~12.4 million

Shipments delivered in 2020

API Solutions

Many of our customers and carriers have their own TMS or supply chain systems, so we offer easy integration with our platform through EDI, API and the web. Our open APIs are built on modern, best-practice REST principles, making them simple to understand, fast and secure as Dial Logistics LLC™ serves data to external systems.