A top three intermodal provider in North America and a US drayage leader, with door-to-door freight management

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Dial Logistics LLC is a single, national source for container
capacity, rail brokerage, drayage and cutting-
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Why Choose Dial Logistics LLC?

Your long-haul freight will move over one of the largest North American intermodal networks with the majority of rail service arranged with Union Pacific and CSX
We offer you one of the largest and most accessible intermodal networks in North America: Dial Logistics LLC controls over 11,000 53′ domestic containers for the exclusive use of our customers
We’ll look at your shipping patterns and create the most efficient plan for your freight, making adjustments as needed to give you the best possible results

Domestic Rail Service

Rail is not only more cost effective than trucking for most long-haul freight; it’s also less prone to regulatory delays. We offer you one of the largest and most accessible intermodal networks in North America. We have over 30 years of intermodal expertise, with long-term rail agreements in place. With value-added services including private chassis programs, container storage and management, transloading and surge capacity, we have the options you will need for a successful intermodal rail transport.

Large Drayage Capacity

Our leading U.S. drayage capacity of approximately 2,100 contracted independent owner-operators and network have access to an additional 25,000 drayage trucks as well as our long standing steamship line relationships. The extent of our drayage capacity, together with our dispatch and tracking technology, is a valuable lever for on-time performance in the challenging environments of rail ramps and ports.

Dial Logistics LLC for Intermodal

Our Dial Logistics LLC platform delivers real-time tracking updates, robust analytics and unmatched access to data that delivers results. Rail Optimizer 2.0 gives you a suite of proprietary tools for seamless, door-to-door movement. EDI integration secures capacity and facilitates constant communication with the railroads and dray providers to proactively alert you about any unforeseen delays.

Value-Added Services

  • We streamline North American cross-border transportation by utilizing our longstanding relationships on both sides of the US borders.
  • Because of our multimodal transportation options, transloading allows us to move your freight faster.
  • We provide private/dedicated international chassis solutions for customers seeking safe, reliable equipment.
  • We provide secure container yard storage and management services.


Market Update and Hot Lanes

Find out what’s happening in the intermodal and drayage markets, including which lanes have discounts. Explore market rates and see how Dial Logistics LLC is using Hot Lanes. Review today!

Dial Logistics LLC for Intermodal

To get direct visibility to your cargo, we can integrate Dial Logistics LLC and Rail Optimizer with your enterprise, warehouse management and supply chain management systems via EDI or the web.

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Intermodal is a top three provider in North America and a US drayage leader, with door-to-door freight management.