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We’re the leading manager of expedite
shipments in domestic and cross-border
solutions with 30 years of experience.

Why Choose Dial Logistics LLC?

We’re the largest web-based manager of expedite in North America and are capable of facilitating time-critical shipments of all sizes
Our highly integrated network delivers customized supply chain solutions to the most successful companies in the world
Our skilled coordinators are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a large network of owner-operators

Ground Transportation

Dial Logistics LLC will secure the optimal equipment for your load on very short notice. Tell us your freight dimensions, weight and special handling requirements, and we’ll have the right vehicle on its way. We have cargo vans, sprinters, straight trucks, tractor trailers and temperature validated equipment – with access to thousands of additional assets in our capacity network.

Air Solutions

When ground transportation isn’t fast enough, Dial Logistics LLC’s air services, including charter and scheduled options, can be the optimal solution. Our air solutions include door-to-door options for air/ground combinations, with in-transit updates. We also offer hand-carry shipments and passenger charter. If you have prolonged production delays, we have assets in place to ensure continuity of service during periods of tight capacity.

Other Services

Within our ground and air operations we provide specialized services. Find out more about these services and how we can help.

Managed Expedite

Dial Logistics LLC’s industry-leading expedite web technology automates the procurement and tracking of time-critical freight. We have thousands of vetted ground carriers in our independent network, with vehicle types ranging from cargo vans to flatbeds, as well as domestic and international air options.


Express Solutions

The capacity and experience you need to meet time-critical deadlines using ground and air solutions. Learn more about all of our services here.


If you’re an owner-operator who excels at on-time pickups, deliveries and customer service, learn more or apply online here.

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